How Do I Send Money Through Bitcoin ATM?

Earlier it was only an imagination of transferring Bitcoin money using an ATM. But if we talk about this imagination today it has become a real thing now. It is possible for people to transfer bitcoin money with the help of an Automatic Teller Machine [ATM].

Now you can easily use bitcoin ATM machines to purchase and sell resources and you can make payments by transferring bitcoin money.

Rather than fait money bitcoin ATM’s offer much more advantages. However, it is still not introduced in all the countries, it is still a new feature introduced but it is gaining much more popularity day by day.

People are getting to know about bitcoin money transfer through ATMs slowly and it is gaining much more popularity.

How To Use Bitcoin ATM For The First Time?

Using ATM to transfer Bitcoin money is a very easy task. You just have to follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. Visit your nearby Bitcoin ATM for example CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM.
  2. Click on “Buy range” and select the range in which you want to buy or sell Bitcoin.
  3. After that, you have to scan your wallet QR code.
  4. Now they will ask you to insert your cash bills into the ATM machine.
  5. Now click on the “Done” button displayed on the screen. After that, your transaction will be completed.
  6. A printed receipt will be given to you which you have to keep as a record.

Bitcoin ATM Transaction Fee

The ATM rate for BTC has been decided at 3.99 percent above the trade block XBX index place for purchase ABD 6.99 percent for sales. The fees can differ according to the location and country.

Can I Use A Debit Card To Send Bitcoin Money Through ATM?

Yes, definitely you can use your debit or credit card to transfer bitcoin money through ATM. The process is basically as similar as receiving money but instead, you will receive bitcoin from a bitcoin ATM machine.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Bitcoin Money Using ATM?

It just takes 5 minutes to transfer Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM. For returning customers it takes only 1 minute to transfer Bitcoin. Once the transaction is completed the Bitcoin will be transferred to your wallet within 15 minutes.

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