How to Recover Blockchain Wallet & Funds?

How to Recover Blockchain Wallet?  – Your wallet identifier is like a username that you need to remember whenever you want to log into your wallet.

When you will try to log into your Blockchain wallet you will have to sign up for them after mentioning your wallet username you will receive an email that will have your wallet identifier with the help of which you will verify your email address.

If you are not receiving your verification mail or you do not remember your wallet ID for any specific reason follow the steps mentioned below to regain access to your Blockchain wallet:

  1. If you remember your email address which is associated with your Blockchain account, go to the website and enter your login email address. If you have any wallet linked with that email address you will receive an email having that wallet’s identifier. Links to access all your wallets associated with that email address will be sent to you in that mail.

If you do not remember your email address associated with your wallet there are several ways to regain access to that email. Once you recover your email address you can easily change your password and create a new password to access your wallet.

  1. But if you do not receive an email after mentioning your email address, this may mean that there is no wallet associated with that email address. In a few cases, you can also receive an error message also. If you are totally sure that the email address you mentioned is correct and you have at least one wallet connected to that email address you are advised to contact to Blockchain support team. Explain to them your problem and they will help you with anything you need.
  2. To send a request to the Blockchain support team you can submit your request. You have to fill up all the applicable fields in the best possible way in which you can explain your problem to them.

NOTE: – If you receive your 12 character recovery phrase, you can restore your funds using that. This will create a copy of your original wallet but it will have a unique identity other than your old wallet.

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How to Recover Your Blockchain Fund?

The main concern of every user is to recover the funds which were remaining in their wallet after they forgot their password.

Blockchain assures full security of your funds and you do not need to worry your money will be sent back to you in no time possible.

Follow the steps mentioned below to recover your blockchain funds:

  1. Open the Blockchain app and to the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Now, look for create or import key option by scrolling down.
  3. After that click on the import wallet and Recovery tab.
  4. Here type your 12 character recovery phase in the text field to recover your funds.

This 12 character recovery phase will be sent to you via mail when you mention your email address to recover your account. This email address should be linked with the wallet from which you wish to recover your fund.

NOTE: – If you do not have your backup phrase and you are not able to remember the email associated with your wallet then, unfortunately, you will not be able to access your wallet again and your account recovery will be failed. You can try and contact Blockchain customer support and try explaining to them your problem maybe they will help you to recover your account.

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